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'Of the Sheerness'

How it all started....


There was once...

A small kitten was born, nobody knows where, but when they found it, it was in horrific conditions !! It was found gewikkelt along the side of the road WIRE! The man who tried to rescue the girl, had to give up in vain, because the kitten opposed the pain! He took it to a vet, she was rescued, but was getraumatiseert for life. She was taken to a cat shelter in Limburg.

Two months later ....

EenA family came in their quest for a sweet cat, cats into the shelter! They saw a beauty of a house cat, about six months old. A striped red light. The two children of the couple were right crazy. When they heard what happened to her had been fills their hearts with horror and compassion! This kitty EARNED a second chance! They said the animal would always be anxious, and certainly not a cuddly cat would be! But how mistaken they were. Ossy Is it a frightened cat, but let himself be hugging indeed, and comes every evening to ask her portion!

So our cat story started! Cats became a passion of mine, and after a month long search on the internet, we decided our first Britje, LENA VON SHARHOF to incorporate into our family, and after the first followed three weeks later the second, DINA THE ROYERSHOF!

And here the BRIT STORY begins!

We already have a wonderful time allowed to experience with our three flodderkes, but the best is yet to come, when they become mothers! Because that is our OBJECTIVE: We would like LOVERS British Shorthair, keep the breed pure, and optimize the quality !! Have fun exploring our site! And feel free to ask all your questions about this wonderful breed, we will be happy to answer them!

Cattery "Of the Sheerness"

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New Stories

Building a Career in Video Game Testing

While you won’t find a career as a video game tester on most lists of the most popular career fields, it is a very real and lucrative career path that many have chosen and succeeded in. Most people find it hard to believe that, if you are a video game enthusiasts, you can actually build a real career from doing something that you love and feel passionate about. When most people think about someone dedicating their time to video games, they usually think about some kid that is playing something like Scribblenauts for free. It might not feel or sound like a “real” job, but the career opportunities are out there so read on.

Have you ever sat on your couch, playing your favorite video and thought that, if you could do this all day and get paid for it, you’d be in heaven? If you love it as much as I suspect, then I’m sure you have. So, even though your parents probably got on to you about the amount of time spent gaming versus actually accomplishing something, there is a career out there in the field of video game testing. The job openings are numerous, but so are the number of applicants. Your dream job is just that to a lot of other people. What you need to do now is think of a way for you to stand out from the crowd and land the job that you want. When you accomplish this, you will be on your way to making a living from playing video games.

When you get your first job, you are going to realize that this isn’t a completely easy job. You will expect to put in the hours you would at an office job and get about the same paycheck in return. But keep in mind that the position of video game tester today could mean the fast track to a bigger and better position in this field eventually. You just need to treat it like any other job and apply yourself accordingly. The requirements to begin this career are; good training; the right attitude for the job; and the self discipline to work hard on a daily basis from home. There will be deadlines that you need to meet and these can be strict. You will also be putting in some overtime, so be prepared. To jump start your training, you can read a book on video game testing or take a class at a local community college. This will also give you a better understanding of what this career choice will be like before you start applying for the job. When you have a full understanding of the job and what you will have to put into it, your job application process will go much faster. A dream job doesn’t mean big money and easy work. It is just doing what you love and getting paid for it. It still requires hard work and determination. But with these attributes, you can become a successful video game tester.

Choosing a Video Game Console- PS2, Xbox, or GameCube

While new consoles for each of the three most popular brands are slated for release within the next two years, there are still people who aren’t sure which system they’d like to buy out of the current choices. I will go over some information to help you make the most appropriate choice amongst the consoles to suit your needs. If you already have the console of your dreams and are looking for some help beating games then be sure to check out

The PS2, or Play Station 2, was released in the fall of 2000. It has been redesigned since then to include online gaming capabilities, as well as shaving down the thickness of the system to that of a hardcover book.

The specs:
• No built in hard drive
• 300 MHz processor
• 2 Controller ports, but you can add the optional multi-tap to add four more ports
• Dolby Digital 5.1
The PS2 has an advantage over the GameCube and Xbox in the game franchises that make games for it. It has some exclusive titles and other titles that get published in the PS2 format first. Popular franchises such as Final Fantasy and Grand Theft Auto get released for the PS2 up to a year before some of the other console or PC versions are available.
Online play for the PS2 is a little more versatile than the Xbox, as far as fees go anyway, because the game publishers, not Sony, host the play on their servers. Some charge fees for online play while others don’t.
Both CDs and DVDs are playable on the PS2.
Currently PS2s can be purchased new from $149.99. Games cost anywhere from $10-$50.

The Xbox, by Microsoft, was released in the fall of 2001. It is a much larger, bulkier, and heavier system than either the PS2 or GameCube, but it is also more technologically advanced than either of those systems.
The specs:
• 733 MHz processor
• 8 GB hard drive
• 4 Controller ports standard
• Online availability
• Parental control capability built in
Online play for the Xbox is only available via Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, which has a monthly fee. There are other services that can circumvent this restriction, but none of them are sanctioned or approved of by Microsoft.
To play DVDs on the Xbox, you need the optional DVD Movie Playback Kit, which costs $29.99 from the Xbox site. Currently an Xbox can be purchased new from $149.99. Games cost anywhere from $19.99-$49.99.

The GameCube, by Nintendo, is a small, appropriately cube-shaped, console. It uses mini disks rather than regular CDs. It was released in the fall of 2001.
The specs:
• 485 MHz processor
• 3″ mini disk games
• 4 controller ports standard
• Online availability
Although the GameCube has online game play availability, there is currently only one game that is playable online, which gives the GameCube a disadvantage compared to the Xbox. Nintendo has the strength of its popular game franchises like the Mario Brothers, Zelda, and Star Fox
Currently, the GameCube can be purchased new from $99.99. Games cost anywhere from $10-$50.

What You Need to Start Playing the Pokemon TCG Trading Card Game

Though I occasionally dabble in other card games, I have consistently found the Pokemon TCG to be the most entertaining. Pokemon is also extremely easy for the new player to get into; I have taught many of my friends the complete game in less than thirty minutes, and the game is equally simple to learn on your own with the right tools at your disposal. Most people still prefer to just play the video game version, like Pokemon Crystal or Platinum, and even play from your PC with a Pokemon Crystal ROM.

Luckily, Pokemon USA packages all of the tools you will need together in pre-constructed decks that contain 60 cards, a rulebook, a play mat, and a Pokemon coin. I recommend purchasing one of the three pre-constructed decks that were released with the Diamond and Pearl expansion set, as the rules of the game have recently changed and only rulebooks from Diamond and Pearl or more recent will contain the correct rules. A pre-constructed deck will give you everything you need to play against a friend, but it only provides materials for one person. If your friends do not already have decks, they may need to buy pre-constructed decks of their own.

Pokemon USA has also manufactured two-player starter sets that contain two 30-card decks called “EX Trainer Kits,” but these are slightly older and contain outdated rulebooks. You can find the updated rules along with other resources at the official Pokemon TCG website. Additionally, many of the cards found in the EX Trainer Kits will not be legal for official tournament play, should you choose to participate in organized play in the future.

Of course, if you choose not to buy a pre-constructed deck, you can always find the cards to build your own deck elsewhere. Pokemon cards are sold in booster packs of nine or ten cards, and a tournament legal deck consists of exactly 60 cards with no more than four cards of the same name (except for basic energies.) Decks are a combination of Pokemon, Trainer cards, Supporter cards, Stadium cards, and Energy cards. Almost all decks run at least a dozen Energy cards; though most pre-constructed decks contain at least 20 Energy cards, they are somewhat difficult to find in booster packs. Experienced players will probably own more basic Energy cards than they need, and basic Energy cards carry very little value, so your friends may have enough extra Energy to get you started.

Once you learn the basics of the game and have your own deck, you’re ready to start buying and trading for new cards and learn new strategies to make your deck even better. Good luck, and have fun!

Vizio 26 Inch LCD HDTV VA26L

The VA26L is great for beginners to HDTV’s. The first time you start it there is a setup wizard that guides you through the process of getting channels to show up. Depending on your cable or satellite service the search process may take long to search channels. Once the channels are all programmed the first thing you will notice is that the picture is extremely sharp. You will see details that were discarder from standard television. It will feel like you are there with the broadcast. If you have basic cable, you will receive hidden HDTV signals that all cable providers have to provide! You can get Fox, Abc, Nbc, Cbs, and other local channels in 1080 HD.
The RGB input allows you to hook up a computer to the screen. It has a resolution of 1666*768, which is pretty good but not amazing like ultrawide monitors. The auto adjust feature fits the image to the screen, which works very well. You can connect a double ended stereo wire to the TV and computer to use the TV speakers as computer speakers. The display has a refresh time of 5ms which is suited for fast action. No blurring happens on all but the fastest scenes. The display has component inputs and 2 hdmi ports to complete your media center.

If you have a HD video source such as a satellite box, or a cable settop box you will receive great images. More and more content is becoming HD, and in not much time analog standard-definition TV will be obselete. All the major stations have HD programing, and many small business that produce video are encoding in HD. Pictures like this
look great on this 720p HD screen. P means progressive which means that instead of skipping lines like analog screens, this TV refreshes the whole image at once, which allows for a better image and less flickering.

If you are a total beginner to the world of high-definition television this TV might be right for you. At the time of writing you can get it for about 350$ from places like BJ’s and Sams club. I bought mine in Costco for 349.99$. It was a great buy and was worth it. There is a wealth of settings you can edit to make the TV show images better and if you like you own viewing style, you can make it like you like it. Being DTV transition ready is a really good feature that allows you to continue to enjoy your TV the way you like it!

source: pid;=1508

Cats Are Family Pets Too

The funny thing about having cats is that they have a bad rep among families. Everyone thinks of dogs when they think of a fun family pet, but cats are an underrated species that the whole family can have fun with, including kids! Lately I’ve been trying to think of ideas for family activities when my family comes to visit, and because they have kids, I have to think of a way to integrate the cats and the kids to have fun together.

One cute idea is to actually print out fun cat-related posters and hang them up in the playroom, this way the kids who visit can feel comfortable around my cats because of the cat imagery. An additional fun activity would be paw painting. We can first line the newspaper all over the floor to make sure no paint gets anywhere, and then put plates or bowls of paint. We can have the kids use paint brushes, and the cats can use their own brushes, aka their paws! Dip the paw of the cat onto the paper and see some really cool imprints. I am pretty excited about watching the kids play with the cats and get these cool paint designs going.

I am also considering bringing over my neighbors’ dog – although cats and dogs don’t usually get along, my neighbors’ dog is very friendly, and it could provide yet another way for my family to have fun with my cats, with the dog helping to create a more fun atmosphere.

The Truth About Selling Your Diamonds in 2017

Anyone that has owned diamond jewelry at a certain point has probably at least thought about selling the diamonds. The important thing to keep in mind is that prices of diamonds do fluctuate, but it is unlikely that you will be able to sell diamonds for a profit.

But why is that? Below we will get into why this happens.

The first reason why reselling diamonds will almost never turn a profit is because of the high profit margins that brick and mortar stores have to maintain. For instance, let’s say your local jeweler makes a 25% markup on the diamonds that they buy, that means the value of diamonds needs to increase at least 25% before you would be even close to getting your money back.

This leads us to the second problem – who do you sell diamonds to in order to get the market price? Unfortunately, the answer is nobody (unless you have your own store to sell from).

The truth is that most diamonds for sale in stores are basically borrowed from a wholesaler, so they don’t have to pay for them upfront. This means that if they decide to actually buy diamonds from someone, the price needs to be super low in order for them to justify the purchase.

In the end, no matter who you try to resell your diamonds to, they pretty much know that they have the upper-hand in the deal, and will always aim to get the cheapest price possible. Selling to pawnshops or private consumers is an even worse idea so don’t even go there. Your best bet is to wait until the price of diamonds has appreciated at least 10% compared to the price that you paid, then approach a vendor.

How to Choose the Right Payday Loan Lender

It’s not uncommon to see people that are in a financial bind go to payday loans, as a short-term solution. The main problem with these types of loans is that the market is very competitive, and it’s often difficult to cut through the noise and figure out which company you should work with. Below are some tips to help you choose the right loan provider:

  • First thing, before anything else, you need to make sure that the company that you potentially want to work with is actually licensed to operate in the state that you live in. That means, if you are looking for payday loans Las Vegas, then the company should have a license to operate in the state of Nevada.
  • Interest Rates – This is the second most important aspect of the whole deal. Many lenders are prepared to provide loans on short notice, and some will send the money within just an hour. However, the interest rate is vary greatly from one company to another, so don’t go by speed, but instead focus on the interest rate. If you are not careful then you may end up paying more in interest than the principle loan.
  • Terms and Conditions – Along with interest rates, you need to choose the provider that gives you terms that you can work with. Payday loans are usually due about 15 to 90 days after the loan, and the amount of time in the terms should correlate with your ability to repay.

In the end, payday loans are something that require a bit of research, but may seem strange because payday loans are often “planned.” Just be sure to not rush into it, because even though the market is heavily regulated by the government, you could still potentially cause problems for yourself if you agree to something that you can’t handle.

Tips for Natural Hair Regrowth

Losing hair on your head can be more than a nightmare for most, and the fact that there is not a single solution to the problem makes it very daunting to deal with. While sometimes hair loss has to do with medical reasons, often times it’s just genetics, so the feeling of helplessness is even greater than usual. Regardless, seeing skin where hair should be is devastating to everyone, but we have some simple tips to help you regrow hair:

  • Meditation – this tip is the easiest of them all to implement. Meditating only takes a couple minutes out of your day, and can significantly lower your levels of stress, which will help improve your overall health. You can look up other guides about meditation to give you a routine to follow.
  • Proper Nutrition – if you are already getting an ample amount of sleep and you are working on reducing your stress levels, then it’s time to make sure you are getting enough nutrients everyday. Your daily diet should include iron, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and omegas.
  • Massage –  believe it or not, even scalp massages can help to promote more hair growth. If you use your fingertips and slowly massage your scalp it will stimulate circulation of blood in the area and help release harmful toxins that are stored up. Just like meditation, a massage only take a couple minutes out of your day.

It’s important to note that there are countless guides out there on how to maintain your health when it comes to nutrition and proper sleep. We barely scratched the surface, since these are just tips on how regain your hair.


Choosing the Right Demolition Company

While the most common reasons for needing a demolition company is usually to knock down a house so that it can be rebuilt, it is very important that you choose the right company for the job. Sometimes it is hard to cut through the noise sense there may be many companies to choose from, but below are some tips to help you navigate the world of demolition companies.

  • Every job is different, and that means having a wide range of equipment is absolutely vital. Make sure the company you are interested in working with have a big assortment of vehicles, because your job may present some difficulties that are often overlooked.
  • Will the demolition crew get rid of the rubbish? Demolition always causes a large mess, and any reliable demolition company should be able to handle the task, but it’s still safe to ask ahead of time just to be sure.
  • Will they also handle hazardous materials? On top of just the rubble, there may be some dangerous materials that need to be handled specially, and a reputable demolition company should know how to handle anything that is throw at them.
  • Get a proper quote. Demolition isn’t a simple job – there are many different stages to the process, and each should come with their individual costs. It usually starts with initial planning, then salvage, and lastly the removal stage. The quote should outline each part, detailing what equipment will be used and the labor involved. Be sure to check on any discounts available if they are able to salvage some materials from the demolition. Lastly, make sure the quote has a solid timeline to be carried out by so that you have something to hold them to.

Optionally, you can spend some time looking for a company that will give you a free quote. Companies like Statewide offer free quotes and you can click this link to visit Statewide Demolition website. Even if you don’t decide to go with the company that gave you the free quote, you will at least have a better idea of what other companies should quote you for your project.

Wedding Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom

Getting invited to a wedding is a very exciting event because you get to spend a very special moment with your friends and family, but part of this celebration requires you to follow a certain etiquette. Attending someone else’ wedding typically includes you contributing a gift to their event. You may be thinking gifts are easy to give, but it gets difficult when you realize all the details that are involved with buying a gift for two people, for one of the most important days of their lives.

Luckily for us, there are many guides around online that can help you navigate the world of gifts, and more specifically, gifts for newly wed couples. Below are a couple tips to help you narrow down your gift hunt:

  • What is the customary money amount – if you are thinking about just gifting cash instead of a gift, you need to gauge your relationship with the couple – distant family or co-workers would probably get the least, while close friends or relatives would get more.
  • What type of gifts do newly wed couples need – as you can imagine, a lot of couples just getting married are probably also moving in with each other. This means that gifts for the house is almost always a safe bet.
  • Will you be attending more than just the wedding – while the wedding is the main event, there are still other occasions leading up to it like the engagement party, and also bridal showers and bachelor parties. If you’re invited to them all then you need to split up your budget accordingly.
  • Stick to the bridal registry – if you want to be safe, when getting a physical gift for the couple it’s wise to stick to their bridal registry if they have one.

Besides that, you can browse around online for other buying guides, and sites like Gifts Less Ordinary that are designed to ease your gift shopping woes. They offer not only great gifts, but many of them can be personalized with custom monograms or an emboss.

Our Review of the Noctua Premium CPU Cooler

For those of you looking for just 1 sentence that sums up this particular heat sink: For anyone that needs more or better cooling for their mini ITX system, then this should be your go-to cooler.

Now, getting into some of the details. Like mentioned above, this is probably the best cooler to go for when considering to cool a high performance machine, that is stuffed into a mini ITX case, like CM Elite 130. Initially, the height of this model will scare away some potential customers, since some will be worried about the clearance in their case.

It’s important to keep in mind that this cooler works really well for T and S Intel chip series, but for the K processors and up, like an i5-4690k, you will still see temps rise a little bit. Ultimately, with mini ITX cases, it comes down to how big of a tower cooler you can manage to fit.

At the end of the day, there is an infinite amount different heat sinks, from a countless number of Heatsink Manufacturers. A majority of the time, people just purchase ready-made computers off the shelf, so not much thought has to be put into heat sinks. It’s really only when you get into upgrading your computer, or building your own custom one, that heat sinks come into play. In this day and age, your best luck is to choose a CPU that you want to use, then choose the case you want, and make sure that the cooler and meet the requirements of them both.

Frequently Getting Error with Google Chrome

Very frequently I am not able to access sites like Gmail while using the Google Chrome browser, with Windows 10. It also seems to happen randomly between 5 minutes to an hour after using the PC.

The errors that are given are either ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED, or Error Code DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

It’s no clear to me how Chrome can resolve all other domain names, Edge can even reach the Gmail domain, but for some reason Chrome won’t resolve Gmail domain.

The plugins that I’m using with Chrome are FlashBlock, Google Docs, AdBlocker Plus, and LastPass. I don’t think any of those would be causing the problem, but I guess it’s still worth mentioning.

It is strange that it only happens with Google Chrome, and I haven’t found too many people that are in the same situation as me. While restarting the machine does help for a little bit of time, it is inevitable that the errors will at some point.

I did read some guides online about how to flush your DNS and reset DNS settings to something else, but neither of those worked. I’m guessing for now I will just use Firefox for everything since I can still use the same extensions over there, but it still just doesn’t make sense how Google Chrome wouldn’t reach Gmail.

Vacuum Cleaners are Serious Business

When it comes to having pets, and lots of pets, being able to clean up efficiently becomes a big deal. Pet hair accumulates very quickly, and cleaning almost every day is necessary. Those with tile and wood floors have options when it comes to dealing with the mess – it’s either sweeping or vacuuming. For those of use that have carpet in the area of the house that the animals frequent, the vacuum becomes the most valuable item in the house. When you rely on your vacuum cleaner to work on a day to day basis, you being to realize that not all of them are created equal.

Some of the higher tier vacuum cleaners even boast that they help clean the air too, not just the floor. Big ticket items like the Rainbow vacuums are definitely not the same as a $50 WalMart vacuum. Rainbows are packed with so many more features, and backed by years of research of what makes a great cleaner. There is no doubt that once you experience what having a top of the line vacuum is like, you will never want to go back. And about the price, well just look at it as an investment for your life, since it’s something that you will want to use on a daily basis.

A Simple Solution to Common Pests

Anyone that has owned or owns pets knows about the ongoing battle with pests. People living with animals in the south, or warm climate areas, have it especially tough since many pests thrive in the warm weather.

One simple solution to dealing with these pests all year around is using tea tree oil. There are many different kinds of tea tree oils, but the best tea tree oil comes straight from the trees of Australia.

The tea tree oil can help your pets with lice problems, and also helps with making your pets fur healthier. Besides lice, the oil will also repel other types of insects, as well as mosquitoes. Luckily the oil can be applied topically, so you don’t have to worry about your pet ingesting any of it. Although it is mostly harmless if taken orally, it’s always better safe than sorry.

New Fixings for the Animals

There always comes a time when you want to make some upgrades for your furry companions. One option is to obviously order something online or head to your local pet store, but in doing that you know you will be paying a premium for the product. Not only that, but often you will get some cookie-cutter cat house that everyone else has and might just be plain and boring.

Armed with just a couple common tools and some imagination, you can create your own custom abode for your kitty that will withstand the tests of time and become a great addition to your house. Gone should be the days were everyone has the same simple and plain cat houses. Gone should be the days of the typical tan or beige colored carpet on them.

Like many of you out there, I too am not necessarily handy when it comes to tools and building things using materials. I was originally inspired by a post on Pinterest that basically explained everything step by step. It made it seem so easy to follow so I figured why not give it a shot. The guide even mentions how if you plan everything out ahead of time, when you go to purchase wood from Home Depot or Lowes, they will help cut the wood for you to the size that you need. The best part is the instructions included a site called Power Drill Guru that will help find some of the tools that best fit the project. Luckily everything can be quickly purchased on Amazon with super fast shipping so it doesn’t turn into some project that transforms to a month-long adventure.

Anyway, just a quick update with some food for thought. Think about adding some spice to you and your cat’s life by constructing a cat house from scratch.

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